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        Do laminated glass customers friends, when doing the glass will receive various kinds of order, maybe transparent, it is wired tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and maybe do shower room, the product is different, use natural film is different also, the category of a film is the purchase of a special red, to our Caida, one-stop shopping, we have all the eva film you need...

PVG Ultra Clear 

Features of this type of film:High transparencyModerate flow glueStrong adhesive relayEasy to operateAdapt to various types of laminating furnace by many customers love, has become a leader in film.Application:High-rise buildings, doors and Windows, counters, light sheds, and places with special requirements for safety glass.


Characteristics of dimming glass film:supertransparencyStrong maneuverabilityStrong adhesion with dimming filmApplication:Conference room partition dimming glass, outdoor advertising LED sandwich glass curtain wall.
Bank snashing glass
PED-F eva film for Anti-snashing glass
Film features:supertransparencyStrong aging resistanceStrong adhesion with PC boardApplication:Bank protective glass, jewelry counters, protective Windows and other areas with high demand for security.
white color 
Application:Jade arenaceous glass, ground arenaceous glass: bathroom partition, toilet partition, ambry glass waitsPorcelain white glass, white glass: background wall, roof, plaque, ground, etc普透系列胜博发手机平台

Normal clear eva film

Application:0.1mm/0.13mm/0.15mm, transparent film is mainly used in sliding doors, cabinet doors and other single-layer reinforced glass0.25mm/0.38mm isotransparent film is mainly used for home silk, silk and other decorative laminated glass.
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colorful eva film
Colorful colors harmonize natureThe color film has more than 30 kinds of colors to choose from, this film has the biggest characteristic, USES in the outdoors does not fade color.Application:Outdoor curtain wall, glass partition